Annual Report 2015-16



2015/16 marks the 10th consecutive year when The Playhouse Company is able to proudly present an unqualified audit report.

Alongside this achievement is a remarkably diverse arts programme that bears testimony to a truly diverse and artistically remarkable body of stage work, comprising over 400 performances featuring 14 055 artists playing to almost 180 000 diverse audience members.

The Playhouse Company’s primary theatre-making objectives remain focused on the creation and staging of theatre works that are alighted to with the following principles:
- Quality productions that nourish the soulful artistic palette for both arts practitioners and audiences alike;
Relevance to building a nation that celebrates its diverse cultural heritage, [and is] prosperous and at peace with itself;
- Creating meaningful job opportunities for arts practitioners;
- Using the performing arts as a major contributor to positive lifestyle patterns; and
- Up-skilling younger arts-makers and traditional artists.

The Company’s programming always endeavours to further contribute to a collective redress of historical imbalances of racial and gender discrimination. Productions that contribute to meaningful dialogue and artistic genius are our mainstay. We remain conscious of the undeniable fact that South Africa is an important part of the African continent. To this end, our arts programming also prominently features artists from other African countries, thus enriching artistic dialogue and enjoyment of our theatre patrons.

We are heartened by the continued support that The Playhouse Company receives from all three spheres of government; indeed, balancing the noble objectives with responsible governance practices, coupled with artistic excellence in a developing society, is no easy task as there is also the reality of competing needs and demands within the parameters of limited funding sources.

We remain resolute about continuing to harness all available resources in order to continue to deliver on the mandate of this noble public institution.

It takes a collective, harmonious approach among all relevant stakeholders from the arts community, government, the private sector, Council, management and staff, audiences and the media working together to make our theatre a great success.

We invite you to take a few moments to page through pages 8-23 reflecting and celebrating with us the achievements of the year 2015/16.

Fellow citizens, we invite you to take a well-deserved bow for these achievements – let the show go on for the good of humanity.


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