Between Labour and Prayer


Date: 17-18 August 2016
Venue: Playhouse Cellar
Ticket Price: R40.00, Students: R20.00
Times: 18h00
Age restriction: All
 50 mins
No interval


Written by Simo Mpapa Mjola and directed by Khutjo Green, Between Labour and Prayer looks at the stories of enslaved, objectified and mutilated women who work on a corn farm. It has been a number of years since ownership of the farm changed hands yet nothing has really changed at the farm, even though the new owner is a Black man, Mshengu Shabalala. His laws are still the same as Baas Koekemoor: they are still forced to wear pinafores, doeks, petticoats, and are obliged to wear colourful frocks in Spring to complement the season. The new boss is now perceived by the women as a manipulative, heartless, corrupt and power-hungry ‘Baas Koekemoor’ in a Black man’s skin. The play uses the spoken word, monologues, music and physical movement to carry the narrative.