Beyond Breaking Pointe

Drama Theatre

From the streets to the ‘Pointe’, a line is created where all dance genres meet and integrate. Beyond the boundaries of the Arts, we experience how the mechanics of each dance technique has no boundaries and their influence of culture creates a spectacular journey towards a new transformation in dance. Through love, passion and respect for dance, we see how relationships are created, some destroyed but those that have followed their passion and love for dance are the ones left behind, the ones that go beyond the breaking Pointe towards a unity that is unexplainable.

Beyond Breaking Pointe mashes dance genres together to create a ‘Neo’ dance form, showcasing the individuality of different kinds of dance and how, when fused, a new dynamic is created. Director and head Choreographer, Taryn Makaab and her Break-thru Dance Company will take audience members on an intense dance journey with elements as diverse as break-dancing, jazz, tap, krump and classical ballet.

Beyond Breaking Pointe plays alongside Worlds Apart as a double bill at the Playhouse Drama Theatre on 10 and 11 August.