The enormous popularity and response by the South African public in 2011 has led to the return of BURN THE FLOOR, this time with THE TEMPERATURE RISES TOUR.

“For those of you that have already had the BURN THE FLOOR experience you need to come back!   I have re-choreographed numerous numbers, changed five songs in the show and have re-costumed the second act.  The show’s new ending will blow you away, and blow any perceptions you have of Ballroom Dancing.   I guarantee that This Ain’t Your Grandma’s Ballroom!  Amongst our rebellious cast, you will also witness the rise of a new South African star!  I trust you will be back for more!”

Since last year’s tour, South African champion dancer KEOIKANTSE MOTSEPE has joined BURN THE FLOOR as a fully-fledged member of this hit international dance sensation.

“Dreams certainly do come true,” according to Keo, undefeated South African Latin American Champion since 2004.  Keo’s dance teacher took him to see BURN THE FLOOR at Joburg Theatre last year. “At first I was resistant to see it,” he admits. “But after a few seconds, I realised it was the best dance show I had ever seen.  I was blown away to be honest – I can’t describe the feeling.”

He managed to contact the show’s Peta Roby, auditioned, and has been touring with the company since January 2012.

“Keo is a breath of fresh air, polite, a real gentleman and very popular in the company,” say the producers.  “His family should be proud.  His work ethic and commitment to his performance is unquestionable and on the dance floor:  simple – he owns it.  The South African audiences are in for a real treat.”

BURN THE FLOOR – THE TEMPERATURE RISES TOUR has just completed a hugely successful tour of the USA, China and Australia.  The show features eighteen international championship dancers – including some of last year’s favourites alongside new sensational dancers.   “It takes the performance to a whole new level, feel and energy,” says the show’s creator, Harley Medcalf.