I Am


Date:  20-21 August 2015
Venue: Drama Theatre
Ticket Price: R
Times:  10am



I Am is a children’s story that focuses on mankind’s destructive behaviour towards Mother Earth in the last days of a barren South African land. A grandmother hands over the last seeds of life to her grandchild and sets the child the task of saving the land. Elements of earth (sand), sun (fire) and water (rain) are explored and brought to life on stage. The tree of life, which represents Mother Earth, gives birth to new seeds that replenish the earth. The tree of life is symbolic of women and the motherly role they play in giving birth to a brighter future for South Africa. The dance production poses several critical questions to mankind today about its relationship with Mother Nature and demands that people make a choice about what they want to be – destructive or nurturing, good or bad?