Marital Blitz

Newlyweds, Sanvir and Shalini must cope with the strains and stresses of their marriage, the responsibilities of their new life and Shalini’s sneaking suspicion that her husband may be hiding something from her.

The couple’s marital tribulations are exacerbated by Sanvir’s mysterious and eccentric boss, Mr. Poona and the unusual tips about a successful marriage provided by Shalini’s friend, Desiree.

Marital Blitz is a witty production with an enlightening exposé on the cultural dynamics of the South African Indian community. Valuable life lessons are woven into this production.

Kajal Maharaj
Nesan Pather
Ashwin Singh
Derosha Moodley

Venue: Loft Theatre

18 May, 19:30
19 May, 16:00
19 May, 19:30