New Stages – Brothers in Blood

Date: 16-18 May 2013
Venue: The Loft Theatre
Time: 2:00pm &  7:00pm
Ticket Price: R65.00 (public), R35.00 (schools)


Brothers in Blood explores the universal theme of prejudice against the backdrop of religious tension between Jewish, Muslim and Christian characters. Set in Cape Town in the late 1990s, when the activities of People Against Gangsterism and Drugs (PAGAD), caused such high tension, Brothers in Blood features a school principal, Abubaker Abrahams and his daughter, Leila; Brian Cohen, a doctor who works on the Cape Flats; Fadiel Suleiman, a refugee from Somalia; and Rev. Lionel Fredericks, a lay preacher.

Through a series of circumstances and personal agency, the lives of these characters are interwoven into an explosive drama, with the characters generally driven by similar concerns: to protect and defend those dearest to them. Rather than shy away from volatile themes and their global resonance, Brothers in Blood explores the human dimension in religious and cultural conflicts, giving a human face to “types” as the beginning of understanding and mutual respect. While set in a religious/cultural context, the themes are transferable to a range of other areas with which South Africans would be quite familiar.

Writer: Mike Van Graan

Director: Greg Homann

Designer: Denis Hutchinson

Cast: David Dennis, Harrison Mrobongwana, David Dukas, Aimee Nicole Valentine, Kurt Egelhof

Technical Credits:

Production Manager – Annah Mototo
Technical Stage Manager – Peter Ngema
Lighting Technician – Jabulani Nene
Sound Technician – Milton Shwala
Stage Crew – Reggie Thwala
Stage Crew – Mandla Nzama