In association with The Playhouse Company, POPCOM is a sketch comedy show which utilizes a variety of comedy styles to present anecdotes and stories about the Indian and Coloured communities in Durban. It also features the sultry sounds of popular rapper Eighteen Eighteen (Nesan Pather) and R & B artist The Red King (Rory Booth) as well as two contemporary dance segments by the talented Kajal Maharaj and Derosha Moodley. These song and dance routines are integrated into sketches about Bollywood and beauty pageants.

The different comedy sketches include a look at gambling grannies, peculiar crime solving techniques, racism causing erectile dysfunction, corrupt traffic policemen and a satirical news bulletin called Minority Report. The show features a kaleidoscope of memorable characters who audiences will recognize and appreciate. Although the themes of the show are adult in nature, the language is not profane in any way, so POPCOM can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Written by:  Ashwin Singh, with Kajal Maharaj and Nesan Pather
Directed by: Ashwin Singh
Choreographed by:  Kajal Maharaj and Derosha Moodley
Cast: Ashwin Singh, Rory Booth, Kajal Maharaj, Nesan Pather, Shona Johnson and Derosha Moodley
Genre: Comedy
Venue: The Loft Theatre