SAWAF 2014: Beyond The Big Bangs

Beyond the Big Bangs

Date: 22-23 August 2014
Venue: Loft Theatre
Time: 3pm & 7.00pm
Ticket Price: R80.00


This new comedy drama by award-winning playwright, Ashwin Singh revolves around the lives of three women – a black, an Indian and a coloured – who either live or work in the upmarket suburb of Durban North. The play delves into the complexities and challenges of their daily lives through a rare combination of monologues and conversations that are so typically South African in flavour. Although focusing on many controversial issues, Beyond the Big Bangs is also filled with delightful humour and pathos in the same vein as some of Singh’s earlier productions like To House, Spice ‘n Stuff and Marital Blitz.

The work features actors Shona Johnson, Derosha Moodley and Annalisa Gxabu.