In this autobiographical one-man show, award winning hip-hop and spoken word artist Iain Ewok Robinson takes us on a multi-disciplinary journey from his small town beginnings in eMpangeni in the early 1980’s all the way to the present. Suddenly, he finds himself as one of South Africa’s most eminent white rappers. In a bizarre turn of events, Ewok is suddenly flown to international festivals around the world. This sudden life transformation voyage is due to nothing else but the most powerful weapon he possesses, his loud mouth. The very same loud mouth his teachers tried to rein in.

To his amazement, as he is airborne all over the world, he is the only man in business class with phat sneakers and pants low enough to make your mother nervous.

Cast: Iain Ewok Robinson

Venue: Loft Theatre

11 May, 10:00 am
11 May, 12:00 pm
12 May, 14:00 pm