We are Still Marching – 2017
    A must-see for anyone interested in dance and in topical matters of southern Africa...
    24-28 May 2017

    /'Fri:Dem/! pronounced freedom, is devised by the Playhouse Actors Studio...
    25-28 May 2017

          Sundowner & Poetry – 26 May 2017
    Featuring Morning Stars and Mbuso Khoza...
    26 May 2017

          Africa aLIVE!
    An arts, fashion, entertainment and culinary festival with an African twist in celebration of African month!
    26-27 May 2017

          Sundowner & Poetry – 27 May 2017
    Featuring Dani Nieuwoudt & Solomon Willy...
    27 May 2017

          Theatre Trade Fair
    The weeklong Arts Incubator Trade Fair will showcase a diverse offering of theatre, poetry and dance...
    18-25 June 2017

          Monty Python's Spamalot
    In a hilarious take-off of the legend, King Arthur and his knights of the round table...
    4-9 July 2017

          Suddenly The Storm
    A whirlwind of mixed emotions - greed, love, loss and healing...
    10-12 August 2017

    “…a beautiful, sorrowful play about the legacy of anger, and the cycle of revenge and war.” – Lyn Gardner, The Gaurdian
    16-19 August 2017