All Stars Shine

Date: 03 August 2024 
Venue: Grand Foyer

For decades, school-based music programs have been the heart and soul of South Africa’s rich musical heritage, nurturing countless talents who have gone on to shape the music industry. These programs have been the birthplace of many of our nation’s leading musicians, sparking a lifelong passion for music in young hearts.

In recognition of the pivotal role music plays in child development, The Playhouse Company is proud to present “All Stars Shine – A Showcase of KZN School Talent.” This exciting event will feature performances by ten school music ensembles from across KwaZulu-Natal, celebrating the vibrant and diverse musical cultures that make South Africa unique.

Join us for an unforgettable evening as we shine a spotlight on the incredible talent of these young musicians. All Stars Shine is not just a showcase; it’s a tribute to the power of music in education and its ability to unite communities. Witness the future stars of South Africa’s music scene and experience the joy and passion that music brings to their lives.

Don’t miss this opportunity to support and celebrate the next generation of South African musicians. All Stars Shine promises to be an inspiring and exhilarating event, highlighting the extraordinary potential and creativity of our youth.