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In terms of National Treasury Circular No. 3 of 2015/2016, National Treasury has established a single platform, the Central Supplier Database (CSD), for the registration of prospective suppliers.


With effect from 01 April 2016, accounting officers and accounting authorities may not award any bid to a supplier not registered as a prospective supplier on the Central Supplier Database (CSD).

During the transitional period until 31 March 2016 The Playhouse Company will commence with the migration of its current supplier database.


Prospective suppliers who wish to be included in the current supplier database of The Playhouse Company, or prospective suppliers who wish to be assisted with registration on the CSD, are required to register with The Playhouse Company prior to 29 February 2016 to ensure that they will be eligible to do business with Government Departments and State Owned Entities (SOE’S). Alternatively prospective suppliers may also self-register on the CSD through National Treasury.


– Central Supplier Database Circular No 3 of 2015-2016
– Letter to Suppliers
– Supplier Leaflet