Auditions for ‘Sizwe’s Triumph Over Sumdanger’



The Playhouse Company is holding auditions for schools season production which written and directed by Thabo Mnguni, Sizwe’s Triumph Over Sumdanger, which will form part of the Company’s Schools Season from 04 February to 01 March 2019 .

A controversial moving story amongst a group of school learners, and a teacher within the school premises. The scourge of bullying amongst learners, probing the fragile and making them becoming victims of the social ills affecting learners nowadays, which are substance abuse, teenage pregnancy and most importantly bullying. Sizwe is the main victim of bullying in the school, victimised by Sumdanger, a cruel and rebellious young school boy who preys on other learners. Sizwe regains his triumph after being physically abused and bullied, he is able to stand out for himself after a long fight, by being able to face the challenge and regaining his victory in the right way, with the assistance of other victims like him.

The Playhouse Company is looking for actresses and actors to play the following characters.

Sizwe (16)
A young, fragile and submissive school boy who suffers the effect of bullying and is victimised physically and emotionally by a vulgar school learner. He manages to achieve his triumph over the beast bully.

Sumdanger (17)
A young notorious bully who thinks the school ground is his own territory and victimises other learners. He paints himself as the beast, very inferior but pretends to be powerful to other young boys.

Zandile (16)
A young beautiful girl with a damaged and hurtful background that causes her to be a greatest bully to other peers. Very dominant, talkative and optimistic, she has suffered severe abuse and is opted to fight the consequences of her upbringing.

Nonhlanhla (15)
A smart and naive young girl who becomes the victim to Zandile’s abusive tendencies within the school premises. Very charismatic and brave and is willing to do anything to change the school environment which is impacted by all the bad habits.

Teacher (35)
A middle age school teacher, very passionate about his working environment and wants what is best for the learners and the school.

Each auditionee needs to prepare two three-minute monologue for her audition similar to the character for which she is auditioning; and one that contrasts with the character for which she is auditioning.

Each auditionee needs to send a CV to to book an audition from Monday 08 to Friday 19 October 2018. Auditions will take place on Tuesday 30 October 2018, and please bring your head and shoulders picture of yourself to the audition.

For any assistant please call Khulekani Kunene on 031 369 9440 during working hours.