Community Arts Festival

Now in its third year running, the Community Arts Festival is a central component of the development initiatives created and hosted by the Playhouse Company. the main objective of the Community Arts Festival is to offer a rigorous 3 month training programme comprising of professional coaching and skills development for upcoming artists. Workshops are conducted by accomplished specialists and focus on areas ranging from speech production, stage craft, scriptwriting and choreography. Furthermore, the workshops provide a platform to aspiring artists to gain indispensable proficiency in the performing arts field prior to participating in the mainstream Community Arts Festival programme at the Playhouse.

A Dress Re: Dress (12 -14 April)
A Serpent’s Tale (12 -14 April)
Out cries the poor heart (12 -14 April) 
Meet Bra 6-2 (19 – 21 April)
We salute Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow (19 – 21 April)